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Report on Proposed Sounds for Electric Vehicles

Electric and hybrid electric vehicles are one of the most promising solutions to long term emission targets in the automotive industry, and the electrification of transport is a growing trend. 

Expand your knowledge within this area, with this exclusive report written by Automotive IQ on the topic: “Proposed Sounds for Electric Vehicles”. Download it for free here. 

Interview with Experts from Ford and Tata Motors

Sound for electric vehicles is an interesting concept, and free from the restraints of an ICE, manufacturers have experimented with various ideas. Many see the opportunity for brand recognition and styling with internal sounds which mimic engine noise, giving the driver a feeling of familiarity or the impression of driving a powerful or sporty vehicle.

To help answer these questions and to expand your knowledge within this area further, Automotive IQ has spoken exclusively to three experts from Ford Werke GmbH in Germany, Tata Motors European Technical Centre in the UK and Ford Motor Company in the USA.

Read the interviews here.

Report on when is a vehicle too quiet yet too noisy

With the onset of hybrid and fully electric vehicles, the automotive industry is facing a challenge it’s never had to deal with before: In full electric mode, these cars are simultaneously too quiet and too noisy. 

Automotive IQ has written an exclusive report on the topic of "The NVH riddle of the future: When is a vehicle too quiet yet too noisy". Read the full report here.

Ford presents: Mastering EV/HEV acoustic and NVH challenges

Download this presentation from Scott Amman, Project Leader, Signal Processing and Advanced Voice Recognition from the company Ford Motor Company in the USA made this presentation on the topic of: "The design of a pedestrian audible alert for detection, location & recognition of hybrid and electric vehicles".

Ricardo Presentation on In-Cabin Sound Quality Enhancement in Electric Vehicles

Download this exclusive free presentation by Matt Maunder, Technical Specialist, Powertrain NVH at Ricardo in the UK on the topic of: "In-Cabin Sound Quality Enhancement in Electric Vehicles".

The presentation discusses the following:

  • Achieving EV sounds of integrity & authenticity: The industry’s challenge
  • Enhancing driver experience in EV’s
  • Developing a tuneable system to meet different brand requirements

Download the full presentation for free here

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